How to Start Working Out in the Morning

How to start working out in the morning when you’re not a morning person by nature? 8 top tips to help you become an early gym goer:

how to start working out in the morning

1.Prepare everything the night before
Having everything ready will save you some precious time and make your morning smoother, trust me! Grab your workout clothes, socks, shoes, hair tie, anything you’ll need and put everything together in your bathroom. Pack your gym bag and put your car keys & water bottle next to it.

2.Go to bed early
You know what time you need to get up for your workout and you know how much sleep your body needs. Plan accordingly and make sure you go to bed early enough. The last thing you want is to still feel asleep and sluggish during your workout!

3.Don’ hit snooze
Try to get into the habit of immediately getting up. Don’t let your brain talk you out of it. The more you think, the less you take action in the morning.

4.Have an energy-boosting morning routine
Start the day on the right foot. Think “I get to exercise this morning” instead of “I have to exercise”. Turn on a workout playlist, rehydrate with a glass of water and get ready to hit the gym.

5.Think about the results
Working out in the morning has plenty of benefits from uplifting your mood to helping you stay on track. Once you start feeling them you become much more motivated to get up early.

6.Take some pre-workout (occasionally)
Not everyone likes it and it’s not necessary but let’s be honest, pre-workout can really help you get through your morning session. You can also have an energy drink (White Monster anyone?).

7.Set realistic goals
If you’ve never been an early gym goer, you won’t easily start working out in the morning. Aim to wake up early and go to the gym twice a week, then progressively add more sessions.

8.Stick with it
At the beginning you might fall back asleep once or twice, or feel too tired to get up. Don’t beat yourself up but don’t give up! Give your body a few weeks to adjust to your new routine. I promise it won’t be that hard when you’re used to it.

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