5 morning habits of successful people (that you can adopt too!)

“Rule the day or the day rules you!” You’ve probably experienced this in your life: things seem to flow when you start the day off right but a hectic morning can set the tone for the whole day.

Highly productive and successful people often talk about the importance of their morning habits which are backed by Science. Here’s what they do - and what you can do too! - to make the most of every single day and achieve your goals.

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They Don’t Hit Snooze

According to Neuroscience studies, there is a massive correlation between how you wake up and your productivity, mindset and sense of control. Snoozing might be a detail and a solid habit of yours but dozing off for a few more minutes deeply impacts your brain function. When you do that, you start another sleep cycle (which is meant to least up to 90minutes) but the alarm goes off again and interrupts the new cycle. Because if would impact their ability to focus and to be on top of their game, successful people do not hit snooze and jump out of bed.

They Make Their Bed

Why? Because making your bed is the very first productive task you can do and it sets the tone for the entire day. Studies found that making your bed “could trigger you to complete other tasks more efficiently, making your entire day much more productive and meaningful”.

They Are Grateful

Have you ever heard “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ? Mainly successful people such as Ed Mylett explain that finding things to be grateful played a key part in their success. Why? Because gratitude makes you feel more positive, optimistic and appreciative. If you don’t appreciate why you already have, why would the Universe give you more?

They Work Out

Working out consistently especially in the morning requires discipline. Guess what: you need to develop discipline and you need to push yourself if you want to achieve your goals. Working out is an excellent way to develop self-confidence and boost your mood but it’s also “the area that allows you to train that discipline”.

They Don’t Look At Their Phone

What is the first thing we all do in the morning? We look at our phone, check our social media, read our emails and start reacting to whatever we see on the damn phone. We may not realise it but this habit has consequences. Jim Kwik explains that not only this impacts our mood for the rest of the day but it’s also training us to be reactive to our external environment when we should be proactive. So what do successful people do? They first focus on themselves. They plan their day, they make lists, they meditate… before picking up their phone. Mel Robbins even recommends to sleep with the phone in the bathroom.

We are all able to make small changes that will have big impacts. Implementing one or two of these morning habits can really help you feel more in control of your life and RULE THE DAY!

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