Full Back Workout For Women

I’m taking you through my current full back workout routine which includes 5 staple exercises. Are you ready to sculpt a strong and sexy back?
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Full Back Workout For Women

Check out this video to see how to perform each exercise.

Now let’s talk through every exercise. My main tip is to engage your core (imagine that you’re pulling your belly button towards your spine) which will help you keep a straight back and perform the workout with good form.

Lat pull down: pyramid set 10-8-6-4
Imagine that you’re pulling yourself towards the bar. It will help you keep your chest open and squeeze your shoulder blades together as your lower the bar down. Increase the weight for each set (as the reps go down).

Barbell bent over rows: 3x8
I personally prefer the supinated grip. Make sure to pull your elbows as close as possible to your body and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Single arm rows: 3x8 each arm
Make sure to pull your elbow high enough (at least as high as your body if not slightly higher)

Kneeling cable pulldown 3x10
This is an excellent lat pulldown variation that can help you feel your back muscles and retract your shoulders.

Cable low rows 3x10
Ground your feet on the floor, slightly bend your knees and send your hips backwards (as if you were going to squat) to keep your balance.

I hope you’ll like this workout :)

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