5 things you need to know when you start working out

First of all, well done for taking your first step and getting into working out! Here are 5 pieces of advice which I hope will make your first weeks feel less scary and overwhelming.

What To Know When You Start Working Out

1: It’s okay to ask for help

You learn to drive with a driving instructor, you learn to write and read with a teacher, you ask your mum to show you how she makes her delicious chocolate cake…so why wouldn’t you ask someone to help you out in the gym? I often see gym newbies spending more time walking around than actually working out because they don’t know what to do and they don’t ask for help. If none of your friends go to the gym you have plenty of other options. Get a PT for a few sessions, download a workout app, watch Youtube videos or even get your hands on a personalised programme. Trust me, you feel less stressed when you walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do.


2: Find out what works for you

Maybe you like working out on your own, maybe you prefer group classes. You might prefer working out outside. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Use your first weeks to experiment different types of training in different environments and stick to what you enjoy the most.

3: Set small, achievable goals first

The quickest way to give up is to set unrealistic goals. For instance: going to the gym 3 times a week (not 6 times), improving 3 things in your diet (instead of changing it drastically) or just trying one new fitness class this month. You are starting a fitness journey, not a race. You can take it slow.

4: Falling off track is normal. Learn to get back into it

Everyone skips workouts or doesn’t have the best diet from time to time. The key is to get yourself back on track instead of giving up. It takes time to build fitness habits and you need to persevere. Didn’t make it to the gym after work? Fine, go tomorrow. Haven’t had any healthy meal today? The week isn’t a write off. You can make better choices tomorrow.

5: Be kind to yourself

You are trying your best and you are new to this. There will be slip ups and set backs but it doesn’t mean that you’re failing. Don’t be too harsh on yourself! Be proud for taking your first step and celebrate every tiny victory.


You know these people who start working out and immediately turn into fitness freaks? Becoming obsessed with training, only eating chicken and broccoli and buying more gym outfits than there are days in the month? Well, these people often quit because they went too fast, too soon. Instead of turning your life upside down, focus on implementing one fitness habit at a time and sticking to it.

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you have any questions please get in touch: hello@chloehamard.co.uk