What muscles does the T-Bar Row work?

This exercise mainly targets your latissimus dorsi (the large muscle that covers most of your upper and mid back) as well as your rear deltoids (the back of your shoulders).

How to perform do a T-Bar Row?

Place a bar into a landmine. Stand over the bar and place a Double D row handle around it (close to the collar).

Keep your feet flat on the floor and facing forward. Slightly bend your knees and bend over from your hips. Your back is flat and slightly higher than parallel with the floor. Your shoulders should be above your wrists with your arms extended.

Initiate the rowing movement by bending your elbows and pull the bar towards your abdomen. Keep your body still and let your arms be the only ones moving.

Hold for one second then extend your arms again (without letting the weight touch the floor).

Video demo

Pro tips

  • Keep your elbows close to your body when you’re bending them.

  • Retract your shoulders (imagine pulling your shoulder blades together)

  • Look a few feet ahead of you to keep your neck in line

How to tell if you’re doing it right?

Your back is straight and you’re lifting your elbows up, not out. You manage to keep your body still (if not then you need to drop the weight).