What muscles does the Chest Press Machine work?

The Chest Press Machine mainly targets the pectorals (chest muscles) as well as the triceps. It’s a great chest exercise for beginners who need to build confidence before trying to bench press.

How to use the Chest Press Machine?

Adjust the seat height so that the handles are in line with your mid-chest. Adjust the resistance.

Sit down and grasp the handles (so that your palms are facing down) with a full grip (thumbs around the handles). Make sure that your feet are resting on the floor or the machine.

Brace your core to stabilise your spine, keep your head and upper back against the seat. A slight arch in your lower back is normal.

Press the handles until your elbows are extended but not locked. Pause then start bending your elbows. Stop just an inch before the weight hits the weight stack (keep an eye on it for your first reps)

Video demo:

Pro tips:

  • Before you start pressing, pull your shoulders back and down, opening your chest up. Try to maintain this position.

  • Keep your wrists aligned with your forearms

How to tell if you’re doing it right:

You feel it in your chest but it’s not hurting your joints. If you can’t extend your arms without rolling your shoulders forward, lifting your bum off the seat or over-arching your lower back then you need to choose a lighter weight.