What muscles does the Cable Tricep Pushdown work?

The cable tricep pushdown is an excellent isolation exercise for your triceps, at the back of your arms.

How to perform the Cable Tricep Pushdown?

Bring the pulley to the top (or slightly lower if you are short like me). You can have your feet hip-width apart or you can stagger your feet (whatever feels more stable for you). Slightly lean forward.

Grab the ends of the rope then pull your shoulders down and back, and bring your elbows against your sides.

From here, extend your arms down and slightly out, as if you were going to pull the rope apart.
Make sure that your upper arms stay stuck to your body and don’t move. Your forearms are the only ones moving up and down.

Video Demo

Pro tips

  • When you extend your arms, keep a slight bend on your elbows to protect the joints.

  • Pulling the rope slightly apart on your way down will help you get a more effective contraction of the triceps.

How to tell if you’re doing it right?

It burns your triceps!