What muscles do Romanian deadlifts target?

The Romanian deadlift is a deadlift variation that will work your hamstrings (the back of your thighs).

How to do a Romanian deadlift?

When performing a Romanian deadlift the bar doesn’t touch the floor and your legs stay as straight as possible, as opposed to the conventional deadlift.

Start by grasping the bar with your hands approximately hip-width apart. You can have both palms facing down or one up and one down. Then bring the bar against your thighs. Pull your shoulders back and down, engage your core and keep the slightest bend on your knees.

Keeping your back straight and shoulders relaxed, send your hips back and lower the bar until reaching your maximum hamstring flexibility (the bar should be just below your knees). Keep the bar close to your body and drive through your hips to stand up.

Video Demo 

Pro tips

  • Look a few feet ahead of you (to keep your neck in line with your spine).

  • Imagine that you’re going to shut the door with your butt: send your hips back, keep your back and legs straight.

  • Squeeze your abs and glutes when you get back up to avoid over arching your back.

How to tell if you’re doing it right?

You feel it in the back of your legs more than in your lower back.