What muscles do Bulgarian Split Squats target?

The Bulgarian split squat is a great unilateral exercise for your quads but also your other leg muscles. It is as well a great exercise for balance and it will require you to engage your core.

How to do a Bulgarian Split Squat?

Stand two feet (roughly) in front of a bench. Your feet are hip-width apart. Relax your shoulders (pull them down and back).

Place the top of your foot on the bench behind you, with your ankle on the edge of the bench. Keep your hips facing forward, your back straight and your core engaged. Bend your front knee (your back leg will also naturally go lower). Make sure that both knees stay aligned with the feet.

It may take you a few attempts to find your perfect foot placement. That’s totally normal!

Get back to your starting position by pushing through your front leg.

Video Demo 

Pro tips

  • Make sure to always keep your feet hip-width apart otherwise if your back foot is behind your front foot you will struggle to maintain your balance.

  • Keep your torso upright and your core engaged to avoid placing too much stress on your front knee.

How to tell if you’re doing it right?

You manage to keep your balance and your front foot stay flat on the floor. The movement doesn’t hurt your knees and you mainly feel it in your front quadricep (front of your thigh).