Proats Recipes: Supercharge your Breakfast

Short on time in the morning? Struggling to get enough protein in? Swap your oats for proats!

What Are Proats?

Proats = oats + protein. That’s it!
Oats are a great source of carbs, however they’re not the best source of protein. Adding protein powder into your oats is the easiest and quickest solution. Especially if you work out in the morning or are trying to increase your protein intake! Plus, you might find that you get less hungry before lunch time with a protein-packed brekkie.

How To Make Delicious Proats?

It couldn’t be easier and the good thing is that you can make a different proats version every single day.
First, prepare your oats as you would normally do, with milk or water, and in the microwave or a saucepan. Then add a scoop of protein powder. The consistency and taste are much better when the protein is added last.

Then, get creative with the toppings.
Add a spoon of peanut or almond butter for healthy fats, fruits for vitamins, some vanilla extract if you’d like… Possibilities are endless! I also love to include superfoods such as Maca powder (great source of iron), Goji berries or Acai powder (packed with antioxidants) and Flaxseeds (rich in Omega 3). I’m sharing two of my favourite proats recipes below!

For these recipes I am using some Prozis products. I am in a partnership with Prozis, however I only recommend products I truly like and use.


Chocoholic Proats

Prepare your usual oatmeal then add a scoop of chocolate protein, a few vanilla flavour drops and a spoon of raw cacao. Stir well.
Toppings: peanut butter, chocolate buttons (or cacao nibs), cinnamon and flaxseeds.

proats recipes chloe hamard personal trainer.JPG

Very Berry Proats

Prepare your usual oatmeal then add a scoop of vanilla protein, a spoon of Maca powder and a few vanilla flavour drops.
Toppings: almond butter, dried Goji berries and fresh berries of your choice.

proats recipes chloe hamard personal training.JPG

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