Answering your questions about online personal training

I asked my Instagram community if they had any questions about my online coaching and personalised fitness plans. After replying on my Instagram stories I thought it would be useful to also answer the main questions on the blog too!

How to choose between online coaching and a custom programme?

Both options include 100% personalised workout plans, nutrition guidelines and mindset tips.
Custom programmes are great for women who like the idea of following a plan, doing their own thing and reaching out via email when they need help.

Online coaching is the perfect option if you’ve been struggling to keep yourself on track, if you want a more ‘hands-on” support and if you need guidance and accountability. As part of my online coaching I offer Whatsapp support that allows you to reach out whenever you need.
I’m here with you every step of the way, celebrating your success, amending your programme as you progress, picking you up when you’re demotivated and teaching you how to change your mindset for long-term fitness success.

Do I need access to a gym to get a personalised programme or be coached by you?

It’s not mandatory. I’d recommend having access to a gym but we can work without, especially if you’re new to exercising.

I’ve never used a gym in my life. Are you offering programmes for complete newbies?

Of course I do! You don’t need to have a certain fitness level to benefit from a programme or online coaching.

I will make sure to really understand where you’re at so that I can design a programme that suits your current level but will also help you progress. Plus, you can find plenty of video tutorials on my free exercise library.

I’m very busy and can’t commit to more than 2-3 workouts per week. Can I still get results with one of your programmes?

The short answer is YES. My goal is to help you make fitness work around your busy lifestyle, not make you fit an extra gym session in your schedule. We’ll also look at your non-exercise activity (aka making your lifestyle more active without working out more) and we’ll see what we can improve in your current diet. Exercise is part of the solution, not the whole solution :)

See these amazing results that this lady got in 3 weeks. She’s been doing 3 home workouts per week (each lasting 40minutes) with dumbbells and a mat. She is following simple nutrition guidelines and is learning to increase her daily non-exercise activity.

chloe hamard online coaching client results.JPG

I need help with nutrition but I’m not too sure about counting calories

My main goal is to help you improve your current diet step by step by step. I want to make your life easier, not give you a headache. If counting calories is overwhelming, we’ll start by implementing some simple tips that will make a big difference without you having to see foods as numbers.

But for some people, calorie counting might be the best option. The nutrition side of my services is as personalised as the exercise part. I’ll meet you where you are and will take the best approach depending on your past and present situation.

I’m scared of not doing exercises properly and look stupid in the gym

First of all, we’ve all started somewhere in the gym and we’ve all had at least one exercise we struggled with in terms of form and technique.

But I know the feeling which is why I’ve created my free exercise library. You can watch the video tutorials anytime, whether you follow a custom programme or are on the online coaching plan.

Plus, my online coaching clients can also send me videos of themselves performing exercises so that I can check their form and provide personalised tips. They also receive exclusive workout videos that are not on my website.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me at :)

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